Go outside and sit among the flowers and see what comes out.

went to beauty spot # 4

the one with the white heron

straightening and curving his neck

in search of something


white flowers with a yellow center

delectible as orange icepops with

vanilla centers strewn along the

sweet goodie paths of my youth


children climbing a little mountain

outcrop in Olmstead's visionary

place their colors sparking off the

grey solidity of rock like fire crackers


at 59th the tall regal towers were

reflecting themselves into the lake

solid melting into liquid taking

a leap into the sunlit waters


and I was saying zenlike prayers

declaring myself reborn wise sane

stressless green flowering well

loving hopeful transformed in spring


Sue Machlin, NYC


Dear Utah,

  -Jill Magi, Brooklyn








Here's what came out of writing assingment!


Strawberry pots filled with "hen and chickens", marigolds, coleus, dahlias and all laden with blooms, lilacs, rhododendrons, and bridal wreath bushes.  Bleeding hearts, dandelions (yellow flowers, seed pods on a stem, or culinary greens, whichever you prefer), curly parsley, culinary basil ready for seasoning, mint for making "mint juleps" on "Derby Day", onions planted on a warm February day (ready to pull), tomatoes and sweet peppers yet to be planted, topsoil.  Squirrels jumping from tree to fences then yard gathering food stored in places that only they know.  Wood bees hovering(standing guard) then chasing whatever moves and hitting like a bullet.  Oak trees blooming and beginning to leaf out, corn planting time when the leaves are squirrel ears size (a old saying my Dad taught me)!  Pollen covered vehicles, rain clouds that will hopefully drift my way and save me dollars.  Robins, cardinals, mocking birds flitting  from tree to tree to find a nesting place.  Roaring lawn mowers and traffic.  Just out of sight and north of here, cheers for the "Legends"(a farm team for "Houston Astros) and for horses at "Keeneland's Spring Meet", no bets, no wins!

"A Bluegrass Spring!" 


Lois Webster-Woosley





mourning the bluebonnets

color shade that shuns the shade

lupine-less Texas


Willard Vega         San Anto, Tejas