Our universe is a series of circles. Sit in the center of a circle --a circle of friends, of stones, of string, of light, or just the universal circle we all sit at the center of-- and write.


"Long Haul"



Darkness                                   Light

Low Point                                  High Point

Suicidal                                    Hope

Left/Right                                 Centered

Depressed                                 Refreshed

Unhappy                                    Beaming

Angry                                     ††   Calmed

Sadness                                     Joyful

Agressive                                    Peaceful

Irritated                                      Composed

Hateful                                         Loving

Empty                                          Filled

Impatient                                    Patient

Unaccepted                                 Accepted

Hidden                                         Found

Condemned                                 Approved

Guilty                                           Innocent

Stained                                         Spotless

Weak                                            Strong

Troubled                                      Comforted

Insecure                                       Secure

Stiffnecked                                   Surrendered

Misery                                          Bliss

Enslaved                                       SAVIOR

Six, Six, Six(18 months)             FULL CIRCLE    



(Thanks to my "circle of behavioral therapists", my "prayer circle" my "viritual writing group circle" but thanks most of all to my "SAVIOR"(the center of my circle))!


circular musing round the Bergamon




a circle of elegant luscious cakes faces me

in the shiny spotlighted cafe showcase


I pick a very small treat though all are

singing:  try me try me try me now


like fellow walkers in the city I make believe

they are only there for my amusement


each is made lovelier by contrast

of its creamy, chocolate or cherried neighbor


the circle of my family has been schrunk

by mad schemes af the master race


still those of us left have more than

doubled our earthly existence


I am kept warm by circles of poets books

artists dancers musicians dancers


breathe better in places where they

are more numerous and nourished


we all sit in the middle of our circular

world which may now


due to global warming have a finite

life and so far we cannot


jump off the edges of this sphere

to alternate universes of circles


and there is time that round clock

of days in our small lifetime circle


I am too literal perhaps-- would like

sit here in my circle trusting no one, none, blinking, scaling, sniffing, rehearsing for the last time, try shifting this way or that and the circle moves with you, you, the god of your own circle, representing the makerís mirror, the broken glass, and the smoking topaz, the soft indentations, the flowers, the fingerprints, the blushing bud, the rope of illusion, and the written word which flows nowhere when the Ego isnít allowed platforms, just this old man gingerly loving you, tenderly ignorant of what youíve forgotten to be and at last holding the purple light stolen from an amethyst needle I buried in the open grave of hope which is also a circle.



from Heaven

willard vega

san anto, tejas

to jump into your blue circle and swim


Sue Machlin, NYC