Today is May Day, honored as one of the eight points of the year by our pagan ancestors, celebrated by workers everywhere, and, aptly, chosen as the "Day without Immigrants". Write a May Day poem, story or piece.




May Day 2006,SF
Precious, at the edges
The fleeting moment, twilight or dawn indeterminate;
The moon hanging on by her fingernail.
La frontera, encima de la playa, la via lechera alrededor, siempre.
What was a demonstration is now
A sea of white, overfoaming its designated banks, overwhelming for a  
moment that other tide, commerce.
Al encima, a glance, lasting the chip-chip of a quartz second.
Containing in it  first
wisp of smoke, drops of rain, edge of light
The border, the beach, the milky way.
A tightening of the throat that presages opening of the heart.


Kasey Asberry, S.F.



Smells of the ripply lake drifts to nostrils of sun and wind burned horseshoe

pitchers on the courts just obove the lake.  Sounds of mallards, geese, fishermen and picnickers nearby.  On the courts,  sounds of chatting and laughter as pitchers mingle and greet each other; of horseshoes clanging against the one-inch, cold-rolled steel peg surrounded by blue clay dug from a hillside;  'thunk' as the horseshoes pitched settle into the clay; score calls of 'four-dead', 'three ringers, three points' or best of all calls, 'two ringer, six points' and scorekeepers calling scores back to the pitchers to asure them the score is being recorded properly.


Spring time is here!  Bring out those rusty shoes, WORK on your game, meet, greet, competeIts a MAY DAY


Lois Webster-Woosley





!no                   no                        no!

no allegiance to the flag

nor the republicans

 for which it now stands

nor the corporate estates

mushroomed all over Amerika

and no allegiance to the name

and the emptiness within singing

how did 1 nation under G-d

become the empire of evil?

no allegiance to them

my commitment is to

we the people:





willard vega                                           san anto

every month should have a day__ June Day__ March Day__ but I can't cop

out Willi said May Day and he's the guru of this bright site__

so if I may say__ not ne say this May___ we are all immigrants on this earth

coming out of somewhere into somewhere with birthrights

instead of green cards or visas___ if we would be free to move

and live anywhere would it even out like Parisian one day

Persian the next___ with all the privileges and so forth and so on__

ok this is frivolous reflection on a serious topic in the month

of May__ that pretty springtime ringtime__ but hey it's Willi's site

and he allows us privileges of posting what we will___ and then

there's that other Will__ universal man for all ages__ citizen of the

world__ translated to every language__ Will we or won't we

this May Day let them all be__ to be or not to be


Sue Machlin, NYC