As old charters seemed destined for fire
And the state of our nation grows dire
Unless there's some hope
We can toss out the dope
'snot funny to dream up satire

Now he's quacking and waddling around
From a nest where no numbers go down
He may have lost touch
But he just seems so much
Like a guy who can't wait to skip town

So the Killer of Kyoto is now free
For a globally warmed cup of tea
Well away from the smelly
He eats crumpets in Delhi
Then wipes his buns with the NNPT*

Times have changed since the '04 election
Seems so many have rued their selection
It's like kicking a clown
Who's already face down
It's just not as much fun, on reflection.

'Til the fool shoots his mouth off on TV
& reminds us how dangerous he might be
With his recomendations
For "emergency nations"
How much worse can it get? Wait and see!

*nuclear nonproliferation treaty
March 2006


There once was a fellow named Scooter
Whom everyone thought was a neuter
He stood up in court
And pulled up his shorts
Saying,"Blame it on Mr. Straight-Shooter"

On the question of who is illegal
Just consult an American Eagle
A busboy or shop clerk
Who came here to find work,
Or a president trying to be regal?

Except for the people called Indians
We're a certified alien nation
But look at the faces
And figure what race is
Our "illegal", so called, population

From the blogosphere to good ol' Knight Rider
The Main Streeter to the beltway insider
A big belly laugh
From the master of gaffe
Here he comes, the royal "decider"

In an age where everything's throw away
There's got to be people who know a way

To add up the sums
And throw out the bums
And make this long nightmare just go away

I'm not even so sure we can reach 'em
re-orient, re-set, or re-teach 'em
They've caused such a mess
That the answer is: Yes!
We must do what we must to impeach 'em

April, 2006
In the case of us vs Thomas DeLay
The ground's shifted; it's now safe to say
The pincer has found
His place in the pound
That attack dog has done had his day!

There was once an executive leaker
Which is not, so it seems, like those sneakers
Who leak truth to the press
Of lese majesty's mess
Those audacious, brave hide-and-go-seekers

There's one thing I agree with the guy
Gasoline's reached a price that's too high
If we pay it in blood
To be spilled in the mud
Is it worth all the grief that we buy?

So it goes in this wierd day and age
We keep thinking we'll soon turn a page
But we're well into the night
With no turning in sight
& who knows what is waiting off-stage?

There once was a vicious right wing
Who thought they'd continue their thing
Of ruling a nation
With intimidation
Mixed in with "of thee I sing"

Homos, illegals, and Asian bird flu
Are all that's left on the right wing's menu
Forget about war
And prices that soar
'cause these are the things that'll get you

Now George spent the night in Bagdad
Celebrating the month that he's had
In his bed all alone
Deep within the Green Zone
Iraq doesn't seem half so bad