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Entry for March 13, 2008

I woke up yesterday with the song "Love Potion Number Nine" playing in my head. Client number nine? A perfect fit.

I soon found that there were a number of parodies already circulating, especially on the right wing blogs. Some of them were actually pretty funny. So one more won't hurt, right?  Here's my spin on it:


Sex Client #9


We look for trouble on the internet

Make sure that demos deserve what they get

When tracking funny money, we hit a gold mine

That put us on the trail of: Sex Client #9


I’ll bet you don’t know why or who we are

We’ve been in business now since Kenneth Star

Trolling for dirt on those Democrat swine

And now we hit the jackpot: Sex Client #9


We jumped down and turned around and pulled on our wigs

High fives, group hug! Spitzer’s a pig!

It seems like Mr. Clean may do some time in the brig!

We checked again; we called our boss;

Man this is BIG


It doesn’t matter if it’s wrong or right;

It only matters if we win the fight,

To win back the Whitehouse and keep it in line


2008-03-13 16:31:46 GMT
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I hadn't seen any of the other versions (guess I haven't been looking hard enough!), but this is great!
2008-03-13 17:47:03 GMT