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March 14, 2008

God Bless Hysterica


The war on terror won’t subside

till everyone is terrorized


terror is as terror does

everywhere, that is, because


in every town your average slob

is terrified to lose his job


whatever else we may espouse

we’re terrorized we’ll lose our house


we’re terrorized to let our kids

out of our sight or God forbid


at home, at school, or at the mall

we’re terrorized to lose it all


the Democrats are terrorized

to seem like softies in our eyes


and just name one who isn’t cowed

from going against the corporate crowd


since it isn’t going to disappear

they paint this picture of our fear


a foreign face, a distant place

a different faith, a different race


that’s terror in America

that borders on Hysterica

2008-03-15 05:26:07 GMT
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Hmm ... and what's our alert color today? I think we live in permanent orange around here. Crazy.
2008-03-17 01:14:08 GMT