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March 17, 2008


I'm up awfully early, as usual, after lying awake for some time. Besides the regular issues of the house, Camila's recovery, my classes, I'm finally worrying about my own health. Today I get my blood tests to see if I need radiation(I'm a prostate cancer survivor). Brrr. Nothing to do but post some limmericks:



On a fine Baghdad morning McCain

Went out for a stroll in the rain

He just had an urge

To see if the surge

Was making a photo-op gain


for the rest of this series, see: http://www.wilibard.com/LDL.html


2008-03-17 11:47:56 GMT
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Hey, Myke--
Sounds like there's a lot I've missed! Hope the test results say good things. Let's talk 'off-blog' soon!
2008-03-19 00:51:03 GMT