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March 29, 2008 Governor Goose's Primary Rhymes

Last night we saw No Country For Old Men. Camila said: There they go perpetuating the sterotype that Texas is a violent place. I was quiet. It took me a while to figure out that the movie is about the failure of the "War on Drugs" and how the outrageous prices that the prohibition has engendered have spawned this rack and ruin along our border. Texas is a violent place, and it's getting worse every day. When will the madness end?

I'm getting to the age when sleep is more and more a tenuous thing. As a matter of fact, I think I can categorically state: insomnia equals blogging. One interesting side effect is that I've been reading some really cool Mother Goose sites on the web. I had no idea there were so many rhymes, how strange and violent many of them are, and how little sense many others make on the surface.  You have only to read Dickens, or better still, the third book of Capital to get an idea of the wasteland that was the industrial revolution, how stark and fleeting life was, especially for children. No wonder it created such bizarre "nursery rhymes". Governor Goose's Primary Rhymes seek to reflect the chaos that is our wounded "democracy".

How many years in Babylon?

Ninety five more? And then?

Can we get out by candle light?

Not under Bush or McCain.


2008-03-29 14:26:34 GMT