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April 2, 2008



If Hillary is Rocky,

Does that make Obama the Champ?

She’s proved that she’s no lady,

Does that prove that he’s no tramp?


I saw that movie several times

& still don’t get her metaphor

Didn’t they battle to a bloody tie?

Is that what Clinton’s looking for?


Was that a blatant overture

to Philly’s favorite fictional son?

Or some kind of racist code?

I guess we’ll know before it’s done.


2008-04-02 17:12:05 GMT
Comments (1 total)
Gaah! I saw that "Hillary is Rocky" headline on the front page of one of the free dailies this morning. Oh, I take it back. "Gaah!" is much to strong a response. What I really mean is "Feh."
2008-04-03 04:32:16 GMT