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April 12, 2008

A word of explaination: In cockney slang pop means to pawn. Since that's what the leaders of our country have done, and stuck us, our children and grandchildren with the bill, it seems a fitting image.

My mother's family are cockneys (or were), but we never had much exposure to the culture. Except when I was very young, and spoke like that, and for short visits, it has always been something far away and exotic, almost mythical to me. Neverless, there's a cockney in me, and he comes out at odd times. When I was a clown back in the eighties, one of the Great Nodotties on Sixth Street in Austin, he came through loud and clear.

Yesterday was a good day. Camila was able to climb the stairs to our upstairs (we've been living in the living room since she got out of the hospital).  She plans to start her own blog soon. Today we're going to my Mom's for lunch, so I gotta go.

2008-04-12 15:07:46 GMT
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I've been lost in proposal-writing hell ... playing catch-up now. Glad to hear Camila's feeling a little better. When she starts her blog, let me know!

Psst ... I posted two of my poems the last two days!
2008-04-14 04:10:47 GMT