Lame Duck Limericks Archives
Can anyone try to explain
Who's funding these record campaigns?
I'm trying to hope
& not feel like a dope
But it's gnawing away at my brain.

Is there really a chance for a change?
Can everything be rearranged?
Will our presidents tire
Of building empire
Or is everything now too deranged?

Can we hope now, for something that's new?
I want to believe, yes I do!
Will the face of the hour
Relinquish the power,
Or is democracy, basically, screwed?


On a fine Bagdad morning McCain
Went out for a stroll in the rain
He just had an urge
To see if the surge
Was making a photo-op gain

While he didn't go out all alone
-there were soldiers, cameras, and drones-
no if, ands, or buts
the guy has got guts
Bush and Rice never left the Green Zone

And what did he see on the strand?
What kind of view was at hand?
Did Curious John
Perchance stumble on
The despair that we've sown in their land?

Of all of the crap that they feed us
Buzz words they use to defeat us
Fallacies, lies,
Attack ads in disguise
The worst is the label "elitist".

Flipping from channel to channel
Bopping from panel to panel
They all say the same thing,
'cause they're all channeling
The same boss through the same corporate channels!

An elitist is a Republican
If words still have any meaning
The billionaire lords
And their talking head hordes
And...oh yeah...Hillary Clinton

The best you can say of McCain
is he isn't George Bush, then again:
The way he's behaving
His war monger ravings
It really ain't much of a gain.

Can we ever get back what we've lost?
What was gained at so high a cost?
Or has that modern Rubicon,
Of Emperor Neocon
Been already sighted and crossed?

Now Petraeus is up on the hill
To ask that we be patient still.
He just needs more money
And a coating of honey
So we can swallow his shit in a pill.