Monday, March 27, 2006

Sometimes we are just overwhelmed by beauty. Yet there is beauty everywhere. Write about the beauty you see everyday in something (or someone) considered drab, dull, or downright ugly


Text Box: Just Neighbors in the City
She was thin small frail a new lady from the odd elevator, I'm even from the 18th floor, so I had never seen her before, carrying a small yellow, plastic, supermarket bag with a few groceries, and a cane. 
Is it raining I asked her and she said no just a few drops hanging in the air. 
" I was waiting for the bus" she said "and it didn't come and I said to myself, Sadie you can do it you can walk a few blocks."
"It's good to walk" I agreed, "good for the body." 
"Even though I have pain" she said "I try to tell myself it's good to walk, I tell myself if I don't use it I'll lose it."
I touched her shoulder lightly and said, "You're right, that's important." 
Just that morning I had written in a journal entry done on the computer, "as I get older I will have to push myself to keep going,' to go beyond what I think I can do, otherwises it won't be worth living."
 Now this frail but plucky lady was echoing my very feelings. A kindred spirit just a few years down the road, I from the even elevator, she from the odd.
I had made contact with someone I might ordinarily have avoided, going always for the younger the brighter the known the up people to help my own spirits stay up. This was something new that felt good. 
"Goodbye" she said as she got off at her floor, "it was nice talking to you."
I was hoping I would recognize her the next time we met and that she would also remember me.

Sue Machlin  NYC

Twas a day forecast

chocolate bunnies melting

rose petals rotting


bargains of ecstasy

rough ropes burned

& a week of no sun


life made it bonny all day

death made it all good




Willard Vega San Antonio, Tejas