Love is a many tendered spling. Write a love letter to something (a city, neighborhood, park, room, etc.).



as i approach you my head gets

lighter and my eyes reach out to all your

bright tender open corners

you are always there for me

and i am often there for you

the plaques on your benches show

you have other lovers past and

present and i am rarely alone with you

no matter you can be shared

each of us sees you as we

want you, poets artists birders

sitters dog walkers tourists


Text Box: Ode To The Staton Island Ferry

When you first grappled me in greasy arms
& I surrendered in a crowded smell
would’ve followed you
to the bottom of the sea
for your salty kiss
for the never ending massage
This never know
never knew happiness meant
floating on dirty harbor water
and never going anywhere
the orgasm was the journey

Willard Vega   Téjas
homeless ones, Beetle fans

children and parents bikers

rowers sledders skaters...

hawk watchers hot dog venders

shining bridal pairs wanting to

be photographed with you 

do you tire of us sometimes

but in the deep night most of

us are gone to our four walls

though some can still peer at you

from windows...why do I never tire of you

because you change your colors put

off leaves and put them on burn from

the sun or flutter in the wind cover

yourself end to end with snow..with grass,

with rain and dew and fog...

and survive bare and vulnerable in winter

you never bore me... you offer

yourself to all generously like a

good lover.... see you soon this spring

my green blossomed luscious love


Sue Machlin     NYC